Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ThaiBinh's Narrative Proposal

Idea #1 - Memoirs of an Introvert - Being shy and having the courage to speak up is hard. There will be scenes of multiple shorts of situations where speaking up and meeting people as required of a task. Each person reacts differently to the same situation. This will be fun and entertaining and viewers will understand people create logic of their own.

Idea #2 - Conflict of Separation - Already troubled with parents, a person must have the guts to tell their parents that they will move for a better career path. The parents rely heavily on their child to run
a business or take care of  younger relatives. Scenes will unfold the tension the family will have according to the child's decision.

Idea #3 - REM's Hidden Meaning - A person has a reoccurring dream but couldn't make anything out of it. This person started to ask family and friends of it was out of the ordinary. Eventually the person runs into a shady cheap palm reader but is the only one that understood whats going on. They embark on a journey to help his dreams and have a better sleep.

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