Monday, October 26, 2015

Proj.5-Corporate Green - Carlo Chandler

We as a society are so used to having pure water on demand that we don't realize the actual cost of it. Water is subsidized by the government, but if we factored in all the pollution and waste of water that is caused by industry, agriculture, and everyday citizens, then the real cost of water would be exceedingly high. Therefore, I wanted to make water misuse into a tangible narrative sculpture that would make people realize just how precarious our future is.

The sculpture would be a functioning water source, so people would receive the message by interacting with it.

I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, but I had problems when switching between the two programs, so I probably will avoid using Inkscape again. I also used Photoshop to create the stone texture.

I decided to include the real life corporation American Water because it is one of the largest providers of drinking water in the US and also performs wastewater treatment. This sculpture would probably be funded by a government grant for the arts. I don't expect that American Water would want to fund this because it doesn't portray them in a flattering way.

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