Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini Look 2

For this one, I took another one of my pieces, and put it out in the gardens.  This starts to explore the dialogue of scale and illusion.

Mini Look 1

A close up look at one of my pieces.  This starts to help blur the margin between real and illusion.

Beadface Echo

Beadface echo, is an attempt at understanding the "Echo" setting in Premier CS6.  It is also a documentation of the removing of the bead mask created in "Beaddazzle."

"Beaddazzle" - a performance piece

A performance piece by Anthony Marshall:
  This piece is an exploration of act of beaddazzling, and our relationship with hobby materials, glitz and theatricality within an everyday setting.

I set up in the McKnight Atrium and worked to beaddazzle my entire face.  The process took about 5 hours.  I wanted to see how far I could push this aesthetic, with the attempt of making myself "sick" of it.  Upon completion, I found that I was rather pleased with the aesthetic "over-the-topness."  Viewers were also very interested in it, calling it "beautiful" and "fabulous."  I came to the understanding that "over-the-top" may be to some extent, out of reach.  This is because many in our culture, and apparently myself including, truly values this aesthetic value.