Monday, October 19, 2015

Jibreel Wilson Narrative proposal ideas

Idea 1: "J.B. Van Saints Last Day" In my youth I watched an indie film inspired by the the last days of Kurt Cobain. It always intrigued me that the last actions he did before killing himself were so mundane. Aside from writing a suicide note his life resumed a mediocre routine. This prompted me to make a very similar narrative of my "last day," walking the viewer through a series of average events that will eventually lead to a death. This narrative will take place in a variety of settings that will show a bizarre death ritual that is personal and significant to the subject alone, highlighting the idea of what is truly sacred. Nothing is gained and nothing is lost but a journey still takes place is a narrative that I feel will stand the test of time.

Idea 2: Making ends: This would be more of a poem then a straight narrative, using only subtitles I tell the story of two lovers that are no longer in love. Something has clearly happened between them, whether it was adultery, distrust, or years of neglect will be for the viewer to decide. I will try to convey a conversation through facial expressions and body language alone. My goal is to illustrate a sexual tension that neither knows quiet what to do with or how to act on.

Idea 3: Werewolf of the flint hills. Mild mannered J.B. Wilson is a less than stellar specimen of a man. From years of rejection from woman and friends alike he has slowly taken up the mantel of a loner. One night as Mr. Wilson is strolling around his dark neighbor hood he is attacked by a rabid animal of some sort. The next day he is attracting the attention of  some of his female coworkers. He finds himself talking and acting smoother then he has in his entire life. He has become a sexy werewolf and when the clocks strikes twelve he will become a full blown animal in a way you might not expect.

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