Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Carlo Chandler - Environmental Art

The topic I am focusing on is plastic ocean gyres. These gyres pose a serious threat to the ecosystem because they're dangerous to wildlife and interfere with production of oxygen by phytoplankton, both of which we depend on. Here are some examples of artists who have addressed the problem:

Claudio Garzón

 Garzón creates sculptures made from plastic debris found on the beach. He also teaches children how to make these and at the same time teaches them about ocean conservation. Therefore, his way of addressing the problem is by using art to bring awareness and to educate.

Works from the exhibition "Gyre: The Plastic Ocean"

In this example, 26 artists participated in an exhibition that showcased artworks made from ocean plastic. The plastic was collected from scientific expeditions  studying marine debris around the world. This project shows artists and scientists working together to document and bring awareness to an environmental problem.

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  1. It's a cool idea to use the trash in the ocean as the medium for art to increase awareness of that problem. I saw some similar art at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but I couldn't remember or find who it was.