Monday, August 31, 2015

Carlo Chandler - "Untitled"

I created a rural Kansas scene using warm colors to show a hot summer afternoon. I used electronics to build the objects to show the relationship between the technology that we normally think of and farming technology.
Raoul Hausmann
Nancy Spero
Nancy Spero’s engagement with political, social and cultural concerns throughout her career as an artist in New York is best illustrated in her collage on paper ‘Notes in Time’. Inspired by Grecian scrolls and the story of Troy, the frieze-like collage is comprised of twenty-four panels, each nine-feet long, punctuated by 96 quotations, including poetry by H.D., and multiple female figures. It is a grand non-narrative celebration of the female form, but also documents a female struggle against political stereotype.

Juan Gris
 Le Petit Déjeuner, 1914, gouache, oil, crayon on cut-and-pasted printed paper on canvas, Modern Art
Jean Metzinger, Au Vélodrome, 1912, oil, sand and collage on canvas, Peggy Guggenheim Collection

"Paradise"by Stephen Linhart

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Foley: physically creating sound-overs

Foley - physically creating sound overs

Now Hear This: Sound Art Has Arrived | ARTnews

Now Hear This: Sound Art Has Arrived | ARTnews

Video Class Homework

Just a reminder to our video class- remember to post a link of video / performance artist(s) who you are interested in. Due Tuesday Sept. 1.

Sound Assignment

Before starting our "Sound" assignment we will visit
and discuss different ways of addressing sound in our work.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 Landscape Collages

Tokyo-based art director Sato Masahiro combines materials from vintage encyclopedias and magazines. I like the collage because merges unlike elements to make a bizarre work that somehow fit together perfectly.

"Angular Momentum" - Julien Pacaud
I like the artist's creativity in this collage. The color choice simultaneously feels both futuristic and retro.

"Rise and Shine" - Luke Robson
I like the colorful and vibrant components. I like how well the sky colors blend in together even though it looks a bit unrealistic as well as the color of the mountains. 

Also by Luke Robson
He took some of the parts from an old photograph to make such a fantasy like collage. I like how symmetrical but not stiff this collage looks.

I like how the artist blurs the background so the foreground is more emphasized. It's also interesting that every small pieces don't go together but by putting them together looks like a story behind this collage. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

YouTube videos of independent artists
Micheal the Terrible boyfriend

The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully

Top 10 Martin Scorsese Character Performances

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Brett Parrott- 5 examples of collage

I. Eugenia Loli- "Catch the wormhole of 3:45 PM" collage. 
This piece stuck out for me in comparison to the rest of Eugenia's work. The surrealistic combination between both vintage images of space and beach life makes a truly unique scene. The large "wormhole" in the center of the image invokes an alien reaction and provides a beautiful, otherworldly contrast to the seemingly ordinary surroundings. 

II. Hugo Barros - Collage.
This piece drew my eye not only because of its color scheme, but also because of its awe invoking design. The massive structures in the distance contrasted with the small and dark figures make the viewer feel incredibly small in the presence of such magnificent constructions.

III. Mariano Peccinetti - "Demos un paseo" collage.
Mariano's piece provides the viewer with a surrealistic view of a vintage woman watching the rainbow path of what appears to be a meteorite or other astral body as it hurtles around an earth-like planet. The piece is well composed with the muted colors of the woman and the rock providing a ground to the highly colorful background. 

IV. Matt Wisniewski - Collage.
The collage intrigues the eye by providing the viewer with a hybridization between an ornate building and a woman wearing glasses. The grayscale appearance of the piece as well as the somewhat noisy quality of the woman's portrait make the piece appear almost antiquated. The arch that appears to provide a passage through the woman's eye socket gives the impression of a dream-like portrait where place and person are merged into one whole. 

V. Larry Carlson - "Astronomica 43"- collage.
This black and white collage goes seemingly all over the place with a multitude of references to aliens, ancient Egypt, and the Illuminati. The high contrast, black-and-white appearance of the piece sharpens the clarity of both its composition and symbolic content. The techniques used makes the piece look almost like a vintage woodcut.
Collin EnszFive Examples of Collage
"Turbulent Poetry of Decay," Lada Alekseychuk, collage.

I could study this piece for a long time and would love to see it full size. It is so chaotic, but it holds together with consistent color and texture and a sense of flowing or falling down around the circular point near the middle.
"Man With Hen and Cock," Pascal Marlin, mixed media on canvas.

This work was labeled as Dada on the website, but the way the fragments come together to make the figure reminded me of Cubism. I like how it works with a mix of photo for the head and chickens, drawn pieces for hands and feet, and mostly patterned pieces for the body.
"Circle Study #1," Nancy Goodman Lawrence, collage on paper.

I like the idea of using collage to make very geometrical designs which is different than many collages I've seen. I also like how the paper pieces here leave a ragged edge instead of being cut off square.
"I Was, You Were," Charles Wilkin, collage on paper.

The placement of things here looks kind of random at first, but the cool colored waves of cloth and water make an interesting covering for the face. The blank space in the bottom corners helps the eye focus back around the top and middle of the work, I think, and it keeps the whole from being to monotonous.
"Kepler - Outer Space," Jochen Heine, photographic print under glossy acrylic glass.

This is opposite of the first example in that it is very simple—it's just a composite of two pictures that could be easily duplicated in Photoshop. It still makes a very striking image that is rich with imagination, though. This simple collage is on sale for $4,200.

Journal: 5 collages

 "Portrait of the Bourgeoisie," 1939
David Alfaro Siqueiros
pyroxlin on cement

I chose this because I like surreal artwork. Also, I prefer collages that are completely hand-rendered rather than made of premade images. 

 "Siddhartha Obama," 2009
Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung 
Digital print on canvas 40" x 62"

I chose this because it is an example of a digital collage where all the images are integrated almost seamlessly. It also has a social and environmental message.

 "Myth of Power,"2012-13
Jessica Beethe & Keegan Donovan O'Keefe
Mixed-media on stretched canvas 60" x 52"

I like that this collage is hand-rendered, naturalistic, surreal, and has a good layout. I also like the fact that this was a collaboration.

"Deer and Red Rock Southwest Landscape," (no date)
Dolan Geiman
Vintage papers on wood, frame: hand-build reclaimed metal  103" x 56"

I chose this because it's a good example of our texture assignment. I like how he used unnatural colors for a natural scene.

"Open Door," 2011-12
Jessica Beethe & Keegan Donovan O'Keefe
Mixed media on 200lb. hot press cotton rag paper, 16.5" x 12"

I like that the longer you look at it, more objects appear out of nowhere that at first seem like part of the scenery. Once again, I like that it is a hand-drawn and painted collage and has a surreal theme.

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