Sunday, October 25, 2015

Brett Parrott Corporate Green journal- working in a group

During this project we were required to collaborate at least on some level with multiple people in order to produce an artistic proposal. First we listed several different issues or topics that we would like to relate our piece to. Then we selected the topic of Oceanic trash and Satellite debris, and set to work on sketching concepts and selecting our location. We chose to have the location be on WSU's campus, but where we wanted them to be on campus was up to the individual members.

Working in a group is not something i am entirely used to, especially in regards to artistic endeavors. There were plenty of positives, namely the speed in which the topic was chosen and the choice of location. However, when I first began i had to learn not to just select whatever topic i thought was best and then start emphasizing on that before we had even chosen the topic as a group. All in all working in a group was interesting, and it definitely sped up the artistic process as a whole.

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