Monday, October 26, 2015

Brett Parrott Digital Studio- Corporate Green finished proposal

Brett Parrott "Tears From the Man in the Moon." Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and
This project required us to not only work in groups but to also create a proposal for an environmental art piece that would draw attention to an issue in our present world. My group chose to focus on the topic of Oceanic trash and Satellite debris. This piece connects the two by having the man in the moon standing atop a small pile of trash and having his tears form the water of the fountain. The Sputnik satellite dangles in front of his head, symbolizing the debris that is in orbit around the earth.
I mostly used Illustrator for this project, and found myself able to utilize its 3D features with relative ease. I touched up the final design with photoshop and then added some last details with All in all this project made me ask plenty of questions about the content of my piece, its design, and how both of those relate to the environmental issue we chose to focus on. The main body of the piece would be constructed out of painted recycled plastic. The piece could be funded by an environmental art fundraiser.


  1. This really gives a good idea of what the proposed artwork would be and how it'd fit in the environment.

  2. I think you portrayed the issue of space debris and ocean plastic in an efficient and readable way. It's cool to see how you brought together two disparate themes into one cohesive sculpture.