Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jesse Skupa- Sound Project

My project was to create a horror scene and make it into a Trap Song. I like the idea of using a real life scene per say to create the track for a song. I somewhat based the idea off of the song Centipede by Knife Party. The music/drop is suppose to represent anxiety.

Sound File Project

Here is my project.

sound project

Proposal for Garage Band/Audacity Project

I was thinking about doing this project over someones fears. I am terrified of anything that buzzes and so I am thinking about having my project revolve around that fear. I might expand it out to a bunch of fears that I have if i can find sound bites for them. Im currently making a list of all of the things that terrify me that could be mixed with this assignment.

Xuan Ha - Sound Project: Statement

The concept or idea that I intend for this project to have is to create a suspenseful, magical themed sound that uses a combination of musical elements to make the listener feel as if he/she is going on a dangerous adventure.

UPDATE/EDIT: I wanted to create a sound that makes the listener feel as if he/she is wandering off at night. It makes the listener feel aware and anxious of not knowing what's around them.

Proposal- Athena

For my project, I want to be able to tell a short and simple story. Something vaguely straightforward. For example, a person walking around and then being abducted by aliens. Very common.  

Matthew Phillips_sound preposal

my sound project will be a sound mix moving from inner city sounds, to sound of the wild, through musical transition.

Sound Proposal

A stranger kidnaps someone, kills them, then dumps the body. :)

sound idea

with my sound project I wish to fool the ears by creating a scene with sounds gathered from different places. this scene may not be recognizable to anyone. however, if I were to illustrate the scene the sounds would then come together.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sound Project Goal- Ashley

My idea is to see how differing types of music can fit together nicely. Specifically I am looking at Classical orchestra and dubstep/electronic sounds and how they can affect each other.

Sound idea

Using sound bytes, I want to tell a story about a child that goes for a walk in the woods and what she meets.  This is based on a story I wrote for an English class in high school.

creative commons


Monday, March 21, 2016

Sculptris project

Julie Dillon

 Planetary Alignment
 Future of Human Aging
 All the Worlds to See
 Sailing Laniakea
The Seed Shrine
The Dala Horse

Sketch Up Project- Clean Energy

My group chose to focus on clean energy. I decided to take a different approach to clean energy than originally planned. My sculpture/green technology would be outside of the music building in the back area with the broken piano. It integrates a couple of different green technology ideas that I found along with a few other ideas.

The sculpture is made with wooden bases and tops and would be overflowing with all different kinds of plants. The plants would be in special pots with special wires inside by the plants root, each cable interconnected to the others. At the bottom hidden would run a chord connected to all of the small wires in the plants into the building turning the plant into an electrical source. The little wire technology harnesses the breakdown of the organic matter produced by the plants into the soil and it then converts it into electricity that in my hopes (with enough plants) could have the capability to produce electricity for an entire building. Much of this knowledge came from and their research with turning green roofs into living power plants and it being able to power hopefully larger scale buildings.

I wanted to put this specific sculpture outside of the music building because of all the research saying music can help plants grow faster and healthier. My thought is that by having music the plants will become so "excited" that it will add extra energy. I also put three circular solar panels onto the top of the structure to help pull the suns energy for a extra boost. I also just for looks added (but couldn't figure out on Sketch-Up) LED lights on the sides of the rods protecting the cage of plants so at night it is visible.

Sculpture Proposal-Tonya Winton

My group choose to work with bees and to make a statement about their declining numbers.  My sculpture is a mixture of a bee/insect hotel.  The idea is that it gives bees that don't live together a place to lay their eggs and to have a place to rest.  My sculpture will include small ponds which can contain fish and water plants; plants would grow on the alternating sections, providing food and shelter for bees and insects.  If I could actualize this sculpture I would place it somewhere inside the Great Plains Nature Center.  They have areas that are intended to help Kansas wild plants grow unattended.  

I realize that the design would be a fun thing for children to climb on, but I feel placing it in one of the "wet lands" area in the Nature Center, this would discourage disrupting the sculpture.  

Ashley Estes SketchUp

Matthew Phillips -Sketch-Up

Green Project- Athena- Reminder

My sculpture is meant to be a reminder of what happened during the oil spill. There were wild life involved in the spill but money took priority over the health of the environment and the result was the poisoning of aquatic life. This sculpture is meant to float next to oil drills in the Gulf of Mexico. It starts with a face on top that melts into a massive structure that has parts of animals that are natively found in that area. The animals are obscure and have to be seen at a certain angle because during the spill it was hard for people to find the animals and it was hard for the animals to escape. This sculpture is also meant to be a float for sea life to perch or rest on. 

Jesse Skupa- Eco Project

The goal of my project is to start implementing these new coffee cups designed by Reduce. Reuse. Grow to help bring nature back to city life and have an interactive space for adults and children to use. The lower level can serve as a bench or as garden as well and various cups have different seeds so the goal would be to start using the product here and have it expand so that people can bring different kids of plants here to plant and they can take new seeds back their home. Overall the project seeks to improve our city spaces. 

New Media Artist- Jesse Skupa

Kyle Thompson has been a photographer that I have watched over the past few years and have always admired his work! His simplicity and presentation of scenes that wouldn't normally happen seem so easy and effortless in his photography. Here is some of my favorite work by him!

Kyle Thompson

Self Portrait
Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

Self Portrait
Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

New Media Artist- Ayham Jabr Digital Collage

Damascus Under Siege

I could not find the titles for a lot of his work. He does not sell any of his work and it is mostly found on tumblr

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Xuan Ha - Green Technology Project



Due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I wanted to create a sculpture where birds and other sea animals can inhabit due to the oil spill. I wanted my sculpture to represent wings for the birds who could not fly due to their damaged wings. The entire sculpture will be made out of cement and stone. 

Xuan Ha - New Media: Stanley Lau

Samus Aran Suit Up 

Wonder Woman HK

 Power Puffing Ladies 

 Justice Mag - Poison Ivy


Street Fighter III OE Box Art

New Batgirl 11

New Batgirl 12