Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Final Friday Exhibition

Hi All-- We will be exhibiting work at the

Donut Whole
1720 E. Douglas, Wichita KS.

Show will open Friday 7/30 @ 7pm.

We will install work Thursday 7/29 @ 2pm.

more info about Donut Whole can be found @

Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Project

These images are composed of all the 6 x 6 and 6 x 4.5 negatives I shot last semester in Black and White Studio. They were scanned and then stacked into multiple layers in a single Photoshop file with the opacity of each layer set at anywhere from 5 to 15 percent. A color filled layer was then added to the bottom of the stack. The green image is composed of the negative images reversed into "positive" form while the red/violet image is made up of the negatives without reversal. I added a quote from the T.S. Eliot poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" to the green image. I have always found Eliot's poetry to be sort of dreamy and swimmy (for lack of better terms) as well as a creepy. I thought the quote fit the piece. I feel the green image is more successful than the other, as the negative images produce a much less coherent effect.

Splash Susie and MGMT Concert Jun 2010 videos

Splash Susie Video:
Where do I begin..... Well I love swimming and having fun with my son which he and I like to swim and ride bikes and such, so for me the video represents the bond between my son and I, just enjoying each-others company on a hot summer afternoon. The idea of splashing is me relating back to my childhood and just having a child like sense of adventure. The owl on my foot is also special to me, because it is one that I created myself so the meaning becomes much deeper. I wanted to play with motion and sound because I find it real interesting. The movement of your feet in water is fascinating to me so this video became vividly about my feet. A different way of looking at an image and altering it.

-Susie McHugh

MGMT Concert Jun 2010
This video is about my trip that I took with my boyfriend and good friend Zach. We all share a passion for MGMT and when we heard they were playing in KC,MO we were like " man we got to go see them"! So the video portrays a time line of our experience we had at the concert before while and after. It clips all the important aspects of our trip. I wanted it to be short but great and I really wanted it to include all the different songs MGMT played and my friends having a good time. Which we ended up having a blast so it was well worth it to do this project. And I have always wanted to do a video of a concert I went to because concerts are suppose to be fun and your suppose to get crazy and let loose. So I love the fact that I was able to do this! It was hard but well worth the frustrations. Thank you Lisa for being so open to me doing this video, you rock!

-Susie McHugh

Corporate Heartbeat

Untitled from Chris Yates on Vimeo.

Fifa has imposed a 2 diameter boundary around all the soccer stadiums in South Africa. All of the locals haven't been able to enter these areas and sell local products and cuisine. Many of the people visiting have also complained that they aren't being allowed to see the real South Africa. In this project i made a map of all of the stadiums in the United States and animated them to a rhythm of a heartbeat. This was to show that these corporations have taken ahold of the system that we know and continue to grow.

My Map

My final project this is my human head map I wanted to incorporate human veins and the human system as a map. How the body is set up as a map of information. I used different maps to create this land and water. Just a playful map show relationships of information


We all have to deal with the hardships the challenges that life offers. The concept behind this image is to illustrated the chaotic, the confusions that humans face during the courses of their life. The explosions of the colors in this image represents the chaotic world that we are living in. The faces of the people represent the different responsibilities that we all have in common. The texts help to convey the message a little more clearly, but it's all depend on the viewers' own interpretation.


The concept behind this image is to show the different emotions that a person has through the courses of the day. As human being we show thousands of expressions and emotions each day, and they're all different. sad, angry, bored, happy, stress, surprise, ect...

data and information technologies

untitled #6

This is another piece dealing with using data or information as art. This image is an amalgamation of landscape images from the web. Using the top 40 results of a Google search for landscapes, I layered the images and reduced the opacity to blend them together. The resulting image has a sort of texture to it that reminds me of an impressionist landscape painting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trent Munsinger Uniscape #1 & #2

#1 Natural

#2 Man-Made

These two joint pieces are the result of the collection, arrangement, and manipulation of photographs taken close-up to focus on the texture of the objects. I chose natural and man-made objects and experimented with different angles and repetitive elements especially on number 2.
I applied each layer simultaneously and carefully manipulated the opacity of each texture to blend all the images into a composite "Super Texture". I allowed layers to be of very little visibility while other layers required more dominance in the picture. I then altered levels such as exposure, saturation, colors, highlights and shadows in an effort to the make the composite look more believable and unified. I believe I achieved this in a solid composition and balance. It was very interesting and exciting to see the end result and to develop comparisons between the organic and industrial textures. Notice how each layer seems to dive out at you yet convincingly fall back into the image as a whole without distracting contrasts. The paint spot (or possibly bird excrement) was allowed to illustrate humanity's own lucrative and futile ambitions on the world it constructs. Both works contain their own sense of beauty and character but the point is which appeals to you more?

Object in Foreign Environment

I'm lucky enough to escape from the city and head our to our family farms in western kansas. Out there we get minimal cell phone reception and escape to a new place that is almost forgotten about. Being able to leave behind the constant urge to connect with the outside world and being able to be reached at all time is one thing that draws me to this place more often.

Self Portrait

Spending countless hours pushing type around and drinking way to much coffee, i find myself always in a daze in kind of an out of body experience. i work all in my head and once i start fall into a trance for hours upon times. This portrait is crossing the boundary between the person that i am and the designer i become every time i sit in front of a computer to work on a project. Fading back and forth in consciousness and design i tried incorporating both aspects into a visual form.

data and information technologies

This piece deals with the presentation of information or data as art. To accomplish this, I used the Facebook profile pictures of my friends. I layered them in Photoshop, in alphabetical order, and reduced the opacity of each image down to 5% to allow the images to blend into one another. Finally, I added a vignette around the center of the image and reduced the saturation around the edges, allowing the more colorful center to stand out.