Friday, September 25, 2015

Socio-political project proposals

I'll be using this project to analyze Donald Trump, and the absolutely bonkers things he says and does. This also relates to the general "fuck you, got mine" attitude that he exudes and is demonstrated by some of his more vocal followers as well.
1. A short, animated cartoon about Donald Trump as president.
2. A live action segment of the same scenario.
3. A montage of clips taken from his speeches that are entirely taken out of context and switched around to make it seem like he's saying other things.

I'm leaning towards one and three, there are a lot of great possibilities there.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Digital portrait drawing
By Christian Klute

Collin Ensz–illustrated portrait example

Stanley Chow
Cristiano Siqueira

Brett Parrott: Digital portrait artists

Frederico Bebber "No Surprises." 
Frederico Bebber utilizes digital tools based on photography. His work is intended to be an expression of chaotic unrest and he puts an incredible amount of detail into his work. 

Aditya Ikranegara "Phoenix." 
Aditya makes surrealistic portraits with fantasy elements, the portraits typically feature feminine figures as well as striking colors and symbols.

portrait drawing - eye

Digital portrait artist

Stanley Chow
Vector drawing

Chow draws his portraits purely in Illustrator without a pencil and paper sketch. He's become so used to digital drawing that he says he's not comfortable using a pencil.

Collin Ensz - project 3

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ideas for political piece

I have three ideas for PSAs regarding the Syrian Refugees and the Syrian Occupation currently taking place in Europe.

First Idea, I will go to good will and pick up three sets of children clothing and build three convincing cadaverous of drowned child victims escaping foreign oppression.  It will be shot at Lake Afton due its enormous size to give the feeling of a long painfully unsuccessful journey, I will do close ups on each of the bodies to show the gravity of the situation along with a voice over discussing the causalities of civil conflict.

Second Idea, A woman wrapped in traditional Islamic garb has been reduced to eating out of a trash can behind a local restaurant, she is starving and looking for any nourishment she can find. After finding nothing edible she begins to cry. Her crying is heard by a worker in the kitchen who yells at her to leave before he calls the police. He sees her as an invader destroying his home land, she sees him as a cruel dictator who has authority on good fortune alone.

Third Idea, the same woman wrapped in traditional garb with dirty hands and no shoes is pan handling in front of rich business. She is being pasted by wealthy men and women who wont even look her in the eye. She waits all day and all night till she eventually falls asleep from exhaustion. No one comforts her as she lays her tired on the cold pavement. This is to symbolize the cold concrete floor of that the millions of other Syrians sleep on every night in search for a better life.

Carlo Chandler - Project 3


I used statues from downtown to create a scene reminiscent of the old Godzilla movies, which references Japanese and American pop culture. I felt that the statues downtown are tame and slightly boring, so I recontextualized them to make them more imposing and awe-inspiring. I decided on black and white in order to reinforce the idea of a vintage movie.
Project 3 

Old Photo Retouch

photo touchup

Project 3 - Pop Culture

The sculpture is from downtown. I use pop art colors. and the abstract background is supposed to be simple to emphasize the focal point.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Carlo Chandler - Old photo touch-up

Social Commentary Video Project Plan

For my Social Commentary video project, I would like to work on the Syrian Refugees. I plan on creating a video collage from different media sources. The 3 ways i would like to go about this is using clips of the travelling, different news cast, or using quotes and phrases from the refugees. I have thought about using other refugee situations (Vietnam) in the video as well.

Brett Parrott: pop art

Brett Parrott "Evening water tower" Adobe Illustrator. This piece is composed of both a picture of the Derby watertower, and of a multitude of different sculptures found around Derby. It is intended to show not only popular images that represent derby, but also references to the mixture of both Native American and Modern American culture in Kansas.

Brett Parrott: Photo touchup

Color with old scanned photo - Collin Ensz

I fixed the contrast and added color to this old photo (the boy is my great-grandfather). The original photo had even less contrast than the grayscale version on the left.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Brett Parrott- 5 pop culture photos

The Derby water tower- the City of Derby has multiple water towers which are boldly visible for miles around and can be clearly identified by any resident.

The Scout- This statue is located in front of Derby's public library and alludes to the massive influence of Native american culture upon Kansas.

Verus bank Sculpture- The panther is the mascot of Derby highschool and is easily recognized. 

Bicycle sculpture- This sculpture is located along Rock Road leading through one of the central streets in Derby and it would be difficult to not notice whilst driving through. 

Boy Soldier Sculpture- The sculpture is located in a prominent park in Derby and alludes to America's massive support of the military.

socio political art - video sound & performance

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vector & texture design - Collin Ensz

I did this with the idea of mixing an ancient pyramid in the desert with space and astronomy with warm and brown colors.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Project 2 - Minh Thuy Nguyen

It is the idea of abstract watercolor painting look
Most of the shape are organic and they are transparent. I use analogous colors with neutral color. The variety of shape and lights are used.

Project 2

Most of the textures I used are from fabrics, leaves, and burlap. I was trying to make some organic shapes and put them together in patterns. I also played around with the intensity of transparency by overlapping the shape to create the background.

5 Pop Culture Photos From Around Wichita

The statues downtown are part of the pop culture of Wichita because when you see them, you identify them with Wichita.
Location: Downtown

Goodwill has been popularized by fashion trends and so more people are going there now.
Location: South Broadway

This is a Venus de Milo statue in a downtown storefront. The statue has become a part of pop culture because it is parodied so much.
Location: Downtown

Pepsi is a very popular and ubiquitous brand. We probably drink many Pepsi products without knowing it because they make drinks under different names.
Location: South Wichita

Shriners have become a symbol in our culture. We know them more for driving miniature cars in parades than for what they normally do.
Location: Downtown