Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Scary B Movie - The curse of the haunted book
A man finds a curious book at a coffee shop and cannot put it down. After attempting to dispose of it, the book continues to follow the man, until at last, the book murders the man. There will be a subplot with characters attempting to solve the mystery as a whodunnit, with the book ending up killing them also as the lights flicker out. The book resumes resting on the coffee shop bookshelf, waiting to be picked up by the next unsuspecting victim.

An animated short of the Haunted Book - Basically just a storyboard, very little animation, just a series of drawings to tell the story.

A mini-auto-documentary of the Life of Connor - filmed with the cameraphone, but documenting all the most exciting moments of my typical day. I will be playing a fictionalized version of myself, so I guess it's technically a mockumentary.

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