Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Self-portrait exercise: Jose Alvarado

I used Illustrator to experimented with line form and how shapes develop according to the line placement.
Self Portrait of Lee Jones in Adobe Illustrator.

Jose Alvarado- Foreign Environment

I have a fascination for the perceived idea of future development within our environment and the interaction with technology. Therefore, within this project I experimented in creating a mechanical and futuristic landscape. I used a shot of an elevator shaft I took and converted it into a directional path way for these futuristic aerial vehicles. Although the original picture of the elevator shaft is dramatically changed I was intrigued in how the proportion of the background transformed to fit the objects in space. In other words the elevator shaft looses its initial identity and becomes greater in functionality.

This is myself potrait. I have alot to learn.

This is Rasputin on the top of Walmart, Rasputin was known as a mystic in Russia he was the Czars guru, but he did many under handed deeds. The Amercan guru is Walmart were we can all get a bargain at the cost of child labor(children making bricks in the parking lot).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the first image, Obama's True Thoughts, I placed a quote in the image that obviously, in the minds of the American people, should not be there. It does not belong. I felt that the assignment, to place something in a situation that it does not belong, was difficult once I began to work on it. This is because the art I try to create deals more with ideas rather than actual images and placement. It was easier to conceptualize a piece like this. I created the piece in a Lichtenstein type of style in order to simplify the image and to bring the focus on the man and the quote.

In the second image, Ac-130, I attempted to use the same quote, but ad a level of realism that wasn't achieved with the first image by using a real bomber aircraft. I again used another comic strip effect. I cannot quite put into words why I used this effect, but I suppose it was to create a sense of disconnect that I feel American's have from the realities of these absurd and cruel thoughts and activities that are not necessary and do not belong in todays world.

In the third, final image, Cabinet, I went back to the original assigned project and simply placed a mustard bottle in my bathroom cabinet. I used a bit of dodging to make it fit in with some of the shadows. When I look at this piece, I feel aloof. I have no real connection to it as I do the other two images.

This landscape was supposed have some red but, I am ok with the result. This is many photos composed together and the color changed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lee Jones: Landscape 2

Another part of Oklahoma City; it seemed somewhat flat to me so I wanted to add images that were overwhelming compared to the city. The tree adds to a somewhat new in environment, maybe to make a significance on plant life or just to make our world smaller than it already is. Although the giant robot contributes to a change in environment or the setting, giving it either a futuristic or a different world aspect. For me, it's almost like a representation of the "big brother" system due to the robot being somewhat invisible and that it's a machine with a weapon in its hands.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday 2/10 Class

Today we watched videos about artist Pierre Huyghe, Jenny Holzer, and Mark Dion. I have asked you to respond on blackboard blog to information about one of these artist. We have started our object in a Foreign Environment assignment and I have asked you bring two media sources to class that you can share with the class. This can be in the form of a website, search engine, software etc. You can post links to the sites here as well.

One site I suggested was

The digital photo is a depiction of graffiti in the cities. If you look closely there are familiar images. I believe there is a beauty in graffiti art, the artist is communicating his story on a building, fence and walls, this is there museum.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Day

No Class Tuesday 2/8
due to inclement weather.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 1- Jose Alvarado

The top image has a psychological relation with the minds thought process. I'm intrigued by the tensions and reliefs that conflict with our minds perspective on the world. I wanted to break that structural element displayed by the intertwine fibers in the background with something more fluid and organic. Therefore the more organic part in the center is overcoming the structural elements, like a virus eating its way through.

The bottom image refers to the whole notion of the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the light as a organic characteristic which is transforming from its environment and moving toward the viewer. The light/object is alive and aware of its surroundings.

Lee: Landscape 1

Landscape 1 is a recreation of a part of Oklahoma City. Taking the buildings of the city and putting them into a new environment. The leaves covered with snow representing the sky and the neon colors were used to create somewhat of a cartoon setting. Reality and cartoon aspects combined in this image.

Project 1 - Aaron Rivera

In the first image, I tried to capture a sunset behind a mountain, while a forest and mist sit in the foreground. In creating this image, I used five different photos. I used the eraser, magnetic lasso, dodge and burn, and smudge tools. I also used the layer multiplication and opacity to make layers not appear so opaque and to change layer contrast and dominance. I was trying to achieve high levels of contrast and experiment with color in this image.

In the second image, I had in my mind no clear plan. Once laying down the first and second layers, I immediately recognized a radial sun in the image. To highlight this, I used the dodge and burn tools. I then used the lasso tool for the remaining three images and finished by using layer multiply, changing opacity, and adding in highlights.

I found that this project was a little challenging in that I do not frequently work with landscapes. I found it hard to conceive and idea of an imaginary setting. Also, working with so much color and found objects was difficult at first because you can only go so far with what you have. In the end, I found that it was not so difficult once I began to through things together and find what works and what does not. Since I have made these, I have revisited these images and changed things slightly.

This piece was created to be an artificial landscape that we had to create using many different pictures that we took around are central environment. The blue dream landscape that I made most of the pictures that i used came from object in my room and images of of my phone. This landscape was made to be more of a fictional piece that has a lot of things that dont really make since.

The next landscape image i created was made using the same methods as the one above but I made it using a more realistic image in mind. i wanted to create something that seamed a little more centered in reality but used basic pieces from pictures that i took from thing in my environment. I think that I did accomplish what i wanted and to me it does have more of a realistic feel to it.