Tuesday, January 26, 2016

five portrait artworks

                                                            Unknown by Christopher Lowell
                                                                  Charcoal and watercolor   

                                                           Davy Jones by Unknown artist
                                                                         color pencil

                                                               Erosion by Minzhuyang
                                                                      Digital painting

                                                                  Scribbles by Vince Low
Wolverine by Unknown artist (charcoal)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Drawing simple curves with the pen tool | Adobe Illustrator CC | lynda.com

Five Portraits

Bryan Saunders

Harding Meyer

Everett Raymond Kinstler

Thomas Hearn

Nik Sebastian

Portrait Study

Maria Aristidou 
"Mother of Dragons"


"Gordian Untanglement" 2011 Signed Canvas print
Domen Lo
"The Woman"digital painting printed on wood 2013
http://www.francescafini.com/#!the woman/zoom/cbdb/image_xfw
Francesca Fini 
http://hellokeen.com/work/digital-cubism.php "Break The Silence" Noelia Rivera

Digital Portrait Study - Jesse Skupa

Sofia Bonati
Drawing, Illustration

Oriol Angrill Jorda
Colored Pencil, Watercolor

Eduardo Icaza
Acrylic on Canvas

Malcom Lieeke 
Oil On Canvas

Anna Hammer
Unknown Media

Portrait Drawing

"Astro 2"
Portrait drawing by Ross Tran (Rossdraws on Deviantart)
Done on Photoshop 

 Unknown Title
Portrait drawing by Henrik Aa. Uldalen (@Henrikaau on Instagram)
Oil on canvas
 "Queen Amidala"
Portrait by Stanley Lau (@Artgerm on Deviantart)

Portrait by Stanley Lau (@Artgerm on Deviantart)

Unknown Title
Portrait study by Rose (@Vioriee on Instagram)
Unknown digital software
Photoshop Tutorial Painting portraits, part 1 Official Advanced Photoshop Blo_2013-10-30_11-59-20-Optimized

Anna-Lisa Saywell
Photoshop Painting

Si Scott Digital Graphics

Create a Dark Grim Reaper Scene for Halloween in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2013-10-30_11-57-56-Optimized

Jenny Le Photoshop Painting

Cristiano Siqueira


 Jazza on Newgrounds digital painting

Digital Portrait Study - Tonya Winton

 Jonas Akerlund
Unknown title
Unknown medium

Daniel Sian
photo referenced from Stefano Prigione
Unknown title
Unknown medium

Ben Heine
Digital Circlism

 Arnold, Maya, and LeeGriggs
Digital Deformation

Michael Cho
A Lie and No Heart
Unknown Medium

 Vladimir Putin
by Lindsey Woodward
Patrick Stewart
by Lindsey Woodward
 Barack Obama
by Lindsey Woodward
 Ben Heine
Michael Kalish

Portrait Artists

 Marcello Castellani
 Drip Effect Portraits

Louis Smith

A New Morning
Agnes Cecile
A New Morning

Solitary Child
Hikari Shimoda

Solitary Child

The Sky is White as Clay
Lu Cong

Tabitha #9, oil on panel, 36 x 40 inches, 2011

These images are by Ileana Hunter done in graphite.
Found on http://www.portraity.com/IleanaHunter