Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Run-A-Way proposal

My proposal is to create a structure that will cover most of my body and kind of look like a spider in its web. Reminiscent of a of a wolf spider in its web. It will consist of a frame that will support 12 legs that will move up and down. The legs will be made out of a light material like balsa wood and the frame will be made of a stronger wood. Fishing line connected to a motor will move the legs. the whole thing will be covered by a semitransparent white fabric. Overall I want the piece to look creepy and ominous.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Adafruit website

This site has several materials that can be used in light based pieces.  One of which, in my interest, being conductive cloth.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Begin watching Arduino Tutorials at HOME

Hi All- I would like you watch the first tutorial on how to download the Arduino program to your laptop and then download AND install the program on to your laptop. I would also like everyone to watch the following four tutorials 01 - 05 to get us started.

Sideline Fiber optic


Run-A-Way proposal

My proposal is to create an interactive piece that sends lights up my arm and lights me when my hand is held.  I want my dress and self to be painted as if a physical painting, in the style of my own work, and like the album art posted.  I want it to focus on the idea of human affection and being seen as works of art. I want the lights to help illuminate the painted features.

Runway proposal

Interactive Particle Physics Dress Video

Heartbeat Dress 30sec

Monday, October 3, 2016

Project Run-A-Way Proposal

I am inspired by how much technology is starting to be apart of our everyday life from checking our health to watching our weight or even monitoring our sleep progress. There are even report that have biohackers putting flat like disks under their skin to monitor their body's current condition (http://gizmodo.com/the-latest-trend-among-biohackers-is-implanting-led-lig-1741697381)
I wanted to make a dress that was following along the path that we have fully embraced technology with ourselves. There will be an arduino board hooked up to a heart beat monitor that will be over the model's heart actually reading the heart beat. From this, there will be light where the model's heart is and will light up with the heart. The light will then carry down through the dress in a vein like fashion. The same vein like pattern will be on the arms but they will be covered in skin liquid latex to give the illusion that the lights are under the skin. The face will be made up with fiber optic lights and with actual make up.
Rough sketch: