Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Xuan Ha’s SketchUp Project Proposal

For this particular assignment, my group and I wanted to bring awareness to the oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. This project can help bring awareness as well as provide a habitat for birds and turtles since their ecosystem has been lost or damaged in the Gulf of Mexico.   

The statue will be displayed on an abandoned stilt house that used to be called the "Honeymoon Cottage" that is located off the coast of Mexico. This area is abandoned, but having a statue built on top of it might bring more attention to this place. 

Here is my sketch. I will modify it some more as I build the statue. I really want this statue to help birds have a home as well as any other animals that were affected by the oil spill. Overall, the statue will be tall and have many holes and ridges in them so that the birds can climb in and build their nests.

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