Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Xuan Ha - Technology

In the Arctic, companies are attempting to build ice roads and drill ice pads shown above.
According to the website, new oil reserves are being developed in the North Slope for less than $2.50 a barrel. This is very cheap. Petroleum industries are trying to discover more oil without causing too much impact on the environment.

GE's Brilliant line of wind turbines are another advancement. They can predict wind availability, and power needs. They are powered by grid-scale batteries which help store energy for future use. The new generation of wind turbines are a more efficient method of conducting electricity than those currently made. The Norwegian-based oil and gas company Statoil, began creating floating wind turbines that hover over the coast of Scotland. They have cables attached to them which allows the wind turbines to be placed in water up to 700 meters. The creation of these wind turbines will decline the cost of energy, and increase the accessibility of energy in hopes of a "zero-carbon" future.

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