Monday, March 21, 2016

Sculpture Proposal-Tonya Winton

My group choose to work with bees and to make a statement about their declining numbers.  My sculpture is a mixture of a bee/insect hotel.  The idea is that it gives bees that don't live together a place to lay their eggs and to have a place to rest.  My sculpture will include small ponds which can contain fish and water plants; plants would grow on the alternating sections, providing food and shelter for bees and insects.  If I could actualize this sculpture I would place it somewhere inside the Great Plains Nature Center.  They have areas that are intended to help Kansas wild plants grow unattended.  

I realize that the design would be a fun thing for children to climb on, but I feel placing it in one of the "wet lands" area in the Nature Center, this would discourage disrupting the sculpture.  

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