Monday, March 21, 2016

Sketch Up Project- Clean Energy

My group chose to focus on clean energy. I decided to take a different approach to clean energy than originally planned. My sculpture/green technology would be outside of the music building in the back area with the broken piano. It integrates a couple of different green technology ideas that I found along with a few other ideas.

The sculpture is made with wooden bases and tops and would be overflowing with all different kinds of plants. The plants would be in special pots with special wires inside by the plants root, each cable interconnected to the others. At the bottom hidden would run a chord connected to all of the small wires in the plants into the building turning the plant into an electrical source. The little wire technology harnesses the breakdown of the organic matter produced by the plants into the soil and it then converts it into electricity that in my hopes (with enough plants) could have the capability to produce electricity for an entire building. Much of this knowledge came from and their research with turning green roofs into living power plants and it being able to power hopefully larger scale buildings.

I wanted to put this specific sculpture outside of the music building because of all the research saying music can help plants grow faster and healthier. My thought is that by having music the plants will become so "excited" that it will add extra energy. I also put three circular solar panels onto the top of the structure to help pull the suns energy for a extra boost. I also just for looks added (but couldn't figure out on Sketch-Up) LED lights on the sides of the rods protecting the cage of plants so at night it is visible.

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  1. I loved your idea that and the design was very cute and colorful and very well thought of overall.