Friday, September 25, 2015

Socio-political project proposals

I'll be using this project to analyze Donald Trump, and the absolutely bonkers things he says and does. This also relates to the general "fuck you, got mine" attitude that he exudes and is demonstrated by some of his more vocal followers as well.
1. A short, animated cartoon about Donald Trump as president.
2. A live action segment of the same scenario.
3. A montage of clips taken from his speeches that are entirely taken out of context and switched around to make it seem like he's saying other things.

I'm leaning towards one and three, there are a lot of great possibilities there.


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  2. It appears a solicited writing service is hot on your trail Connor... :)

  3. Connor, I like to see you working on your 3rd idea. I think your editing skills and usage of sources will help you make your film entertaining. Your previous videos are comedic, i cant wait to laugh with this one.