Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ideas for political piece

I have three ideas for PSAs regarding the Syrian Refugees and the Syrian Occupation currently taking place in Europe.

First Idea, I will go to good will and pick up three sets of children clothing and build three convincing cadaverous of drowned child victims escaping foreign oppression.  It will be shot at Lake Afton due its enormous size to give the feeling of a long painfully unsuccessful journey, I will do close ups on each of the bodies to show the gravity of the situation along with a voice over discussing the causalities of civil conflict.

Second Idea, A woman wrapped in traditional Islamic garb has been reduced to eating out of a trash can behind a local restaurant, she is starving and looking for any nourishment she can find. After finding nothing edible she begins to cry. Her crying is heard by a worker in the kitchen who yells at her to leave before he calls the police. He sees her as an invader destroying his home land, she sees him as a cruel dictator who has authority on good fortune alone.

Third Idea, the same woman wrapped in traditional garb with dirty hands and no shoes is pan handling in front of rich business. She is being pasted by wealthy men and women who wont even look her in the eye. She waits all day and all night till she eventually falls asleep from exhaustion. No one comforts her as she lays her tired on the cold pavement. This is to symbolize the cold concrete floor of that the millions of other Syrians sleep on every night in search for a better life.


  1. Thanks - I think they all have great possibility- just a matter of choosing. I would consider integrating one or more videos captured from youtube to reinforce the content.

  2. I suggest going with the 1st idea, this can show more empathy and be created more uniquely with your perspective since you have a greater tie to the circumstance. The viewers will be pleased with your work.