Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Digital Artists–Collin Ensz

Jerico Santander creates digital illustrations and photo illustrations. Some (or most?) of his work looks like it is done first in 3D modeling and then rendered for texture and color. They are very vibrant and fantasy/fairytale like.
Sakke Soini also uses digital painting and/or sculpting programs. Some of these pieces look more illustrative and less sculpted, though, which I like.

Chris Parks is a local designer. I like the simplicity and geometric shapes he uses in his designs and logos.
Maria Grønlund's designs here were made in Illustrator. They use geometric shapes and pure colors. It is interesting how they look more dimensional compared to Chris Parks' very flat designs.
Mark Sarmel makes digital illustrations that take inspiration from comic books and Japanese culture and style.

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  1. I really enjoy artwork like Mark Sarmel's that has a cartoony or comic look to it. Also I saw that he does different types of artwork like figurines and movie posters that are very different in style to the rest of his work. It just shows that an artist doesn't have to stay in one style.