Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Pop Culture Photos From Around Wichita

The statues downtown are part of the pop culture of Wichita because when you see them, you identify them with Wichita.
Location: Downtown

Goodwill has been popularized by fashion trends and so more people are going there now.
Location: South Broadway

This is a Venus de Milo statue in a downtown storefront. The statue has become a part of pop culture because it is parodied so much.
Location: Downtown

Pepsi is a very popular and ubiquitous brand. We probably drink many Pepsi products without knowing it because they make drinks under different names.
Location: South Wichita

Shriners have become a symbol in our culture. We know them more for driving miniature cars in parades than for what they normally do.
Location: Downtown

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