Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Brett Parrott - 5 digital artists

Cameron Gray "Experience So Lucid, Discovery So Clear."
Cameron Gray utilizes both intense color and spiritually symbolic imagery in his digital artwork to create mesmerizing pieces that play with both the human form and the human spirit. He has won numerous awards for his art and regularly attends both spiritual and artistic conventions alike.

Oliver Wetter "Corpus Delicti - Disquisition II" 
Oliver Wetter Is a digital illustrator and artist whose work is riddled with fantastic and spiritual imagery, often invoking thoughts of another realm much different from our own. 

Max Sauco is an impressive digital artist with many elements of surrealism present in his work. His works often portray nude figures and shamelessly display revealing, or even disturbing, details about the human form.  

George Grie "Shiva the Destroyer"
George Grie is a digital surrealist whose art unshakably displays fantastic, awe inspiring scenes where the viewer is often placed in a position of insignificance when compared to the epic happenings in Grie's work.

Justin Sweet is a digital concept artist who has performed work on many notable franchises such as "Game of Thrones" and "Chronicles of Narnia." His art fuses both the classical and the fantastic together in a wonderful mesh that acts as a bright window into worlds we could only begin to imagine.

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