Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Digital Artists - Carlo Chandler

Daniel Nyari
Romanian artist based in NYC
Diego Maradona from "Playmakers," 2013
"Playmakers," 2013 

Nyari's figures are heavily stylized. I like to see how far he can exaggerate the form using geometric shapes while still being able to recognize who the person is.

Stanley Chow
British Illustrator

"Remembering MLK" 2013
Chow mainly does portraits of athletes, actors, and other celebrities, using several different styles. In general, though, his style appears more tame compared to Nyari's caricatures.

Shane Hope
"Public Panopticon Powder", 2014, 3D-printed PLA molecular models and paint on plexiglass, 24"x24"

Shane Hope's art can be considered digital artwork because he creates it on the computer, using a program to generate molecular structures, then he prints it with a 3D printer and paints it to accentuate certain areas.

 David Fuhrer
Swiss CG artist
"Jacek Yerka Remake," CG, created with Houdini 3D software
Fuhrer's work ranges from hyper-realistic still lifes to cartoony illustrations. Shown here is his version of one of his instructor's 2D works. Fuhrer uses the same 3D software that Disney used to make "Chicken Little," "Frozen," and "Rio."

As One
Scottish graffiti artist living in Australia
"Asone," 2014 Vector drawing
As One works in physical and digital media, painting walls and making illustrations. The artist based this work on a statue of an aztec god, creating a vector drawing of it and incorporated graffiti into the design.


  1. Shane hope's choice of medium is quite a creative one with plenty of potential since it blends the digital with the physical through 3D printing. I would love to see how other artists might apply this concept.

  2. I really liked looking through Stanley Chow's page. It's cool how some faces can be seemingly very simplified but very recognizable.