Friday, June 18, 2010

Trent Munsinger Project 2 Digital Portrait and Foreign Object

The Thought of a Memory

Prey (Version 1)

Prey (Version 2)

Thoughts on a Memory was the result of experimentation with pixelation and opacity. I wanted a clear emphasis on the unfocused and seemingly dreaming or disappearing. The trees were chosen to connect a time line or progression with the images of memory and how we necessitate the forgetting of this information as much as it is imperative to hold on to our fleeting images.

The two versions of Prey were a knock at the social trend of describing older available woman in a bar or club scene as a "Cougar". This affiliation to the powerful and cunning cat eludes to their experienced and intentional motives towards younger men whom have been paralleled with the indiffident and sometimes naive traits of a "Dog". What I was trying to create was scenes of tension where the viewer might be compelled enough to actually observe the space until amusement can be drawn from the out-of-place feline. The viewer might focus on the piece as a whole at first, referring thier thought to experiences with a similar dominant background, then if version one wasn't enough to trigger further inspection, version 2 directs the viewers attention from the background completely and attaches it the young dog, if the observant viewer knows the title they might begin to question why the puppy is associated as a predatory target. Who would do such a thing!?!

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