Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trent Munsinger Project 1

"Welcome to the Family"
Conceptual Landscape

"Insurgence Somewhere"
Visual Landscape

"Sir McCartney for Change"
Celebrity Portrait

Trent Munsinger
My first attempts at Photoshop, Found it to be infectiously involving and amusing.
My first picture tries to pull huge context out of small objects to create almost a dark family photo of the possibly radioactive, rotting, artificially colored strawberries which at the same time retain a sweet and safe Gum Drop appearance until further observation. The metal cage in the back ground is actually from a large guitar amplifier I own that i took the photo of for its texture and, to my surprise, spider web. The landscape itself that i was trying to create can be connected with some form of candyland mountains but I wanted to strive for something stronger in content. I wanted the caged pose and ragged aesthetics to push towards ideas of prison systems and even as far as family predispositions to deviant behavior. Parralleling the saying, "You don't go to prison to ripen, you go to rot. "
With the second piece I was pushing for a more purely visual landscape where the texture of the streched exposure of the film would create a new mass out of the context of actual shape of the photographed patio creating an otherworldly experience. The streched strings of light also inserted exciting organic elements of growing or ascending into a some foreign event. I added the two planets, Jupiter and the Earth, just to see if i could make it believable and to help bring the viewers perspective to an upward gaze just as the picture was taken. I intended to pull the viewer from reality to infinity and back.
Finally, with the last piece I decided to fill out the rest of my week with a celebrity portrait of the renown musician Sir Paul McCartney, I wanted to play tribute to one of my favorite aspects about him and the Beatles which was thier humor. This being the reason I chose that particular image of Paul smiling brightly behind his own public scrutiny, most likely a church's button campaign against them, i wanted the filters to give Paul the "Obama Design" but make it a more epic rock and roll fantasy. The splotches are actually masked tree silouettes that I used the burn tool to vary the values.

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