Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Reason I chose to do the image of one of my best friends is, because it was such a pivotal moment with lots of hilarity to it! Like for instance when i told my friend to get in the shopping cart she was so hesitant to do it. However I tend to be kinda "pushy" peer pressuring her to get in the cart. So she did and as I turned my back she yelled my name"Susie", "Susie" as I looked over at her she started falling. I didn't catch her so she fell into a yellow bush and killed a part of it. She had scratches and was bleeding it was pretty hilarious. Anyhow as we were laughing hysterically these old ladies walked by and could CLEARLY see that we were having some issues but they just kept walking. Funny how old people are supposedly suppose to be all great and all. But even though we were sweating and thirsty I managed to free Jana from the cart! I felt like a superstar! Then I took some photo's, it was a great walk. So in my attempt to follow our assignment I found this photo to be great with fruit of the loom little fairy characters dancing on the cart. Along with the color scheme and angel of each fruit character. All in all it is meant to be funny and it has a great story behind it.

-Susie McHugh

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