Monday, June 28, 2010

digital self-portrait

untitled #3

The purpose of this project was to look at non-traditional ways of presenting a human portrait. In this piece, I manipulated a photograph of myself and inserted it into a scene from "Fraggle Rock", a show that I enjoyed from my childhood. I tried to create the impression of a bust carved from the stone of that cave by the Dozers that live there. They are still in the process of completing the sculpture, with their equipment out and their scaffolding still present. I like the way that the cave formations frame the portrait. And, I like that the portrait begs the question, "Why are they carving the bust of a human?" Perhaps one of them ventured outside of their cave and encountered a person, and believed that this was their creator. In that case, the bust takes on a different meaning, becoming a type of religious iconography. I take a certain perverse joy in entertaining the idea that the Dozers might think I am their god. But will I be the angry, vengeful god of the Old Testament, or the forgiving, loving god of the New Testament? For the Dozers sake, let's hope it's the latter.

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