Monday, June 14, 2010

digital landscape

untitled #1

This piece addresses the re-contextualization of military imagery into an American urban landscape. In this scenario, we see a quiet neighborhood street being dominated by tanks and advancing soldiers, while squadrons of fighter jets soar overhead. While this scene would not be out of place in modern day Iraq or Afghanistan, it is an unfamiliar and disturbing sight in the context of a peaceful College Hill street. The tanks and foot soldiers confront the viewer in the foreground, while at the left side of the image a son consoles his mother. The background has intentionally been left undisturbed and free from destruction. This, together with the position and direction of the advancing army, and the two grieving bystanders, is intended to create the impression that the real horrors exist behind the viewer, out of sight but not out of mind: a city under siege, and a population under martial law.

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