Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Project 2

By presenting fragments of past and present lives (personal and ambiguous) and by also harmonizing the natural and artificial worlds we live in and create, I explore the questionable spaces between the extremes where we all exist. The reattached branch, the breathing tree, the momentary casts of my self, and the memories of my experiences in combination with other natural materials, catalyze thinking in a shared space about the in-between that connects us all in the now.

After completing my 1st natural sculpture, I noticed this tree in a new light. I now saw her as a very uniquely posed woman that is both fun and thoughtful. She playfully exudes continual growth, strength, flexibility, beauty, balance, wisdom, and grace (attributes that I believe constitute an impressive and notable woman.) This whimsical outdoor installation was the progressive next step at bringing my ideas more to life. 

The use of more living matter such as the multiple plant fibers that were casted and/or applied, and including the openness of the environment and the public to affect the content are all important factors of my work and the conversation the installation is creating. By taking my work outside to live, I feel it becomes more real and opens up the playing field for interaction. I tangibly came to understand this more today.

As I approached her crossing the street from the parking lot, I noticed the tree had been adorned with suspended bottles. Getting closer I noticed how well they were integrated into what I had started. They were filled with personal messages of female identity and much more that I didn't get to fully explore. It was as if somebody had done what I had not yet thought of or put together. Then later in the afternoon they had been cut down and only a few pieces of rope remained tied to the tree limbs. This person shared a moment of enhanced reality with me which allowed us to see beauty in a commonly overlooked being thus motivating our choices to include the public in the experience. I hope to find out who did this additional work but know that regardless of the basis of the individual's intentions with this tree, there are no coincidences and an enchantingly fun, significant, multidimensional dialogue has potentially begun...

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