Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Gouge Made by Looking

Driven to mediate spaces between my active participation in culture and my investigations for a sense of the natural (a term which cannot be removed from influence of human culture) I use marking as a way to establish place amongst these interwoven sources.  Excavating a mark in the sand immediately places a remnant of action on the beach.  It is a record of focused, energetic gesture conveying an aggressive attachment, or desire for attachment.  The video documentation is also a record.  Encoding an ephemeral moment that will be washed away by rising water in a medium that is preserved in a culturally digestible manner.  While brutish, the action heightened a sense of curiosity and wonder--something I view as necessary for a meaningful bond to be created.  Moving a lady bug and a midge fly from the sand or arranging freshly dug blue stones in a line are actions that express human concern and capacities for engagement amongst a neutral environment.  These energies paused the initial drive allowing for a less straightforward, meandering connection to be made. 

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