Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Room Full of Quiet" Documentation

Room Full of Quiet Artist Statement:

In my ceramic work I present the audience with energetically marked, thick, heavy vessels that engage and express my notions of nature and our relationship to it. Here, I wanted to address a different aspect of nature that isn’t as easily captured by actions; a silence that collects and projects sound for miles.  The crisp, dry air of a northern Minnesota night combined with fresh snowfall dampens and amplifies sounds at the same time.  Every winter I cherish the chance to hear this silence.  To feel the sound of all the currents of wind blow through the trees while train whistles eek out from what seems like a different country engages my full attention.  It becomes the most beautifully loud quiet place on the planet.  Quiet is a quest.  My father (who recorded this) found his quiet after work rocking in this chair.  Years earlier he gave me quiet, rocking me to sleep in this same chair.  I present you with a kind of quiet that isn’t silence.  Everyday we are filling space with more sounds.  I find the most powerful to be in the spaces of quiet. 

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