Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ashley Estes Collage Project

Guys!!! I made a bird!!! 
This was such a fun project, mainly because I actually understood it. 
There are more than 10 textures used and some have been recolored to fit my color scheme. It is basically a Tetrad (4 colors) at a 90 degree interval. The colors specifically are teal, lime, orange, and purple. Although they are seen all over, the most evident location containing all are on the bird's tail. 
Oh and by the way, his name is Pierre!


  1. I really like this, its fun. Reminds me of the collages off of semame street

  2. By far my favorite collage! It reminds me a lot of a book cover I once saw. You have great color variation and great textures that all mesh incredibly well together to create this one cohesive piece. I totally want this!

  3. I really love this collage. It feels so happy and brings back memories of childhood.