Monday, November 16, 2015

Proj. 7 - Flash Animation

"Bad Luck Bot"

For this project I decided to draw within flash to create the character. I did a combination of frame-by-frame animation and tweening. For the background, I used an image previously created in Illustrator.

Stylistically I wasn't influenced by any one animation or artist; I was just thinking about the style of Flash web animations in general. I designed the character to be very flat and I used the brush tool to help it look like a typical Flash animation.


  1. Your animation has a very consistent cartoony style which makes the whole piece feel dynamic. The animations themselves are very complex. Nice use of sound effects: they make all the animations more effective.

  2. You definitely succeeded in the cartoon style of illustration and animation. It's cool that you used some drawing animation in addition to tweening.

  3. I absolutely love the cartoony nature of your video and it is very expressive especially with the music and sound effects.