Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ideas for green screen project

Idea number one. Late Night with Jimmy Wilson. The show starts in the typical fashion of a late night talk show host. The comedian portrayed by myself comes out into the middle of the stage and tells few jokes. At first the audience chuckles and then after a few jokes become more and more hysterical and laughter. By the end of the Act the audience is laughing so hard at the jokes with a begin defecating in a frenzy. The host of the show slowly starts to lose his mind after each bit. Suddenly at the end of the performance we realize that he is alone in the studio, and there was never anybody there to begin with.

Idea number 2. Pirates of the Hurricane Harbor. In this ideas you are transported to the magical capitalist adventure Hurricane Harbor. Here the viewer sees a variety of kooky characters, pirates that plunder the concession stands and water slides of this once great park. Throughout this journey the viewer will be subjected to a variety of song and dance numbers by the Pirates leader JB McHookNfly.

Idea number 3. The wayward peaks. In a small isolated mountain town in Colorado a paranormal investigator uncovers a strange mystery. Will investigating into the thick underbrush PI Wilson discovers remnants of a creature that is out of this world. It's now up to him to solve the strange mystery of the crashed UFO.

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