Monday, August 24, 2015

Collin EnszFive Examples of Collage
"Turbulent Poetry of Decay," Lada Alekseychuk, collage.

I could study this piece for a long time and would love to see it full size. It is so chaotic, but it holds together with consistent color and texture and a sense of flowing or falling down around the circular point near the middle.
"Man With Hen and Cock," Pascal Marlin, mixed media on canvas.

This work was labeled as Dada on the website, but the way the fragments come together to make the figure reminded me of Cubism. I like how it works with a mix of photo for the head and chickens, drawn pieces for hands and feet, and mostly patterned pieces for the body.
"Circle Study #1," Nancy Goodman Lawrence, collage on paper.

I like the idea of using collage to make very geometrical designs which is different than many collages I've seen. I also like how the paper pieces here leave a ragged edge instead of being cut off square.
"I Was, You Were," Charles Wilkin, collage on paper.

The placement of things here looks kind of random at first, but the cool colored waves of cloth and water make an interesting covering for the face. The blank space in the bottom corners helps the eye focus back around the top and middle of the work, I think, and it keeps the whole from being to monotonous.
"Kepler - Outer Space," Jochen Heine, photographic print under glossy acrylic glass.

This is opposite of the first example in that it is very simple—it's just a composite of two pictures that could be easily duplicated in Photoshop. It still makes a very striking image that is rich with imagination, though. This simple collage is on sale for $4,200.

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