Monday, August 24, 2015

Brett Parrott- 5 examples of collage

I. Eugenia Loli- "Catch the wormhole of 3:45 PM" collage. 
This piece stuck out for me in comparison to the rest of Eugenia's work. The surrealistic combination between both vintage images of space and beach life makes a truly unique scene. The large "wormhole" in the center of the image invokes an alien reaction and provides a beautiful, otherworldly contrast to the seemingly ordinary surroundings. 

II. Hugo Barros - Collage.
This piece drew my eye not only because of its color scheme, but also because of its awe invoking design. The massive structures in the distance contrasted with the small and dark figures make the viewer feel incredibly small in the presence of such magnificent constructions.

III. Mariano Peccinetti - "Demos un paseo" collage.
Mariano's piece provides the viewer with a surrealistic view of a vintage woman watching the rainbow path of what appears to be a meteorite or other astral body as it hurtles around an earth-like planet. The piece is well composed with the muted colors of the woman and the rock providing a ground to the highly colorful background. 

IV. Matt Wisniewski - Collage.
The collage intrigues the eye by providing the viewer with a hybridization between an ornate building and a woman wearing glasses. The grayscale appearance of the piece as well as the somewhat noisy quality of the woman's portrait make the piece appear almost antiquated. The arch that appears to provide a passage through the woman's eye socket gives the impression of a dream-like portrait where place and person are merged into one whole. 

V. Larry Carlson - "Astronomica 43"- collage.
This black and white collage goes seemingly all over the place with a multitude of references to aliens, ancient Egypt, and the Illuminati. The high contrast, black-and-white appearance of the piece sharpens the clarity of both its composition and symbolic content. The techniques used makes the piece look almost like a vintage woodcut.

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  1. Most of these collages have an interesting sci-fi aspect that I like. They also seem to have a common theme of portals: doors, wormholes, eye/arches... It's a nice coincidence. They're all very well done too.