Monday, April 25, 2016

Video Proposals - Kevin Lewis

Proposal 1: Stole My Coffee
My roommate and I have a keurig in our room and one of us would make coffee or some drink and when we went to drink it it would be empty. The other would have a new glass that had the drink in it, and it would escalate from there. Starting with drinks, then maybe microwave food, then jackets, and then I'm not sure.

Proposal 2: Elevator Genie
A man calls an elevator, and when it opens, there's a genie inside of it. He was trapped in an elevator instead of a lamp. Shenanigans would ensue.

Proposal 3: Too many poptarts.
My roommate and I have actually had something similar where I told him I was thinking about buying a poptart from the vending machine. When he went to the store later he stopped by the poptart aisle and was overwhelmed and a little frightened by the sheer number of choices they had for flavors of poptarts. A similar situation would happen in most likely a walmart because thats where people will give me the least weird looks.

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  1. Elevator genie sounds fun! it would be cool with a few effects