Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sound Proposal Xochitl Zamorano

For my sound proposal I decided to do a dreamlike sound of what it felt like to enjoy concerts to me when I was younger. The sounds and noises on this are my favorite reasons why I would go to concerts. It is the pull of the music that sort of catches all of your attention and for a couple of hours people seem to forget their problems and just focus on the music.

  • The chatter of anticipation in the beginning when we were waiting for the artist or band to set up their equipment.
  • The people clapping and the noise quieting down as soon as we heard the plug of the instrument then the different songs that were played and at the end the humming and low song is the dreamlike state that seems to take place once the night is almost over. 
Sound Proposal Xochitl Zamorano

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