Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 1 - Aaron Rivera

In the first image, I tried to capture a sunset behind a mountain, while a forest and mist sit in the foreground. In creating this image, I used five different photos. I used the eraser, magnetic lasso, dodge and burn, and smudge tools. I also used the layer multiplication and opacity to make layers not appear so opaque and to change layer contrast and dominance. I was trying to achieve high levels of contrast and experiment with color in this image.

In the second image, I had in my mind no clear plan. Once laying down the first and second layers, I immediately recognized a radial sun in the image. To highlight this, I used the dodge and burn tools. I then used the lasso tool for the remaining three images and finished by using layer multiply, changing opacity, and adding in highlights.

I found that this project was a little challenging in that I do not frequently work with landscapes. I found it hard to conceive and idea of an imaginary setting. Also, working with so much color and found objects was difficult at first because you can only go so far with what you have. In the end, I found that it was not so difficult once I began to through things together and find what works and what does not. Since I have made these, I have revisited these images and changed things slightly.

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