Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the first image, Obama's True Thoughts, I placed a quote in the image that obviously, in the minds of the American people, should not be there. It does not belong. I felt that the assignment, to place something in a situation that it does not belong, was difficult once I began to work on it. This is because the art I try to create deals more with ideas rather than actual images and placement. It was easier to conceptualize a piece like this. I created the piece in a Lichtenstein type of style in order to simplify the image and to bring the focus on the man and the quote.

In the second image, Ac-130, I attempted to use the same quote, but ad a level of realism that wasn't achieved with the first image by using a real bomber aircraft. I again used another comic strip effect. I cannot quite put into words why I used this effect, but I suppose it was to create a sense of disconnect that I feel American's have from the realities of these absurd and cruel thoughts and activities that are not necessary and do not belong in todays world.

In the third, final image, Cabinet, I went back to the original assigned project and simply placed a mustard bottle in my bathroom cabinet. I used a bit of dodging to make it fit in with some of the shadows. When I look at this piece, I feel aloof. I have no real connection to it as I do the other two images.

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