Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trent Munsinger Uniscape #1 & #2

#1 Natural

#2 Man-Made

These two joint pieces are the result of the collection, arrangement, and manipulation of photographs taken close-up to focus on the texture of the objects. I chose natural and man-made objects and experimented with different angles and repetitive elements especially on number 2.
I applied each layer simultaneously and carefully manipulated the opacity of each texture to blend all the images into a composite "Super Texture". I allowed layers to be of very little visibility while other layers required more dominance in the picture. I then altered levels such as exposure, saturation, colors, highlights and shadows in an effort to the make the composite look more believable and unified. I believe I achieved this in a solid composition and balance. It was very interesting and exciting to see the end result and to develop comparisons between the organic and industrial textures. Notice how each layer seems to dive out at you yet convincingly fall back into the image as a whole without distracting contrasts. The paint spot (or possibly bird excrement) was allowed to illustrate humanity's own lucrative and futile ambitions on the world it constructs. Both works contain their own sense of beauty and character but the point is which appeals to you more?

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