Friday, July 2, 2010

Splash Susie and MGMT Concert Jun 2010 videos

Splash Susie Video:
Where do I begin..... Well I love swimming and having fun with my son which he and I like to swim and ride bikes and such, so for me the video represents the bond between my son and I, just enjoying each-others company on a hot summer afternoon. The idea of splashing is me relating back to my childhood and just having a child like sense of adventure. The owl on my foot is also special to me, because it is one that I created myself so the meaning becomes much deeper. I wanted to play with motion and sound because I find it real interesting. The movement of your feet in water is fascinating to me so this video became vividly about my feet. A different way of looking at an image and altering it.

-Susie McHugh

MGMT Concert Jun 2010
This video is about my trip that I took with my boyfriend and good friend Zach. We all share a passion for MGMT and when we heard they were playing in KC,MO we were like " man we got to go see them"! So the video portrays a time line of our experience we had at the concert before while and after. It clips all the important aspects of our trip. I wanted it to be short but great and I really wanted it to include all the different songs MGMT played and my friends having a good time. Which we ended up having a blast so it was well worth it to do this project. And I have always wanted to do a video of a concert I went to because concerts are suppose to be fun and your suppose to get crazy and let loose. So I love the fact that I was able to do this! It was hard but well worth the frustrations. Thank you Lisa for being so open to me doing this video, you rock!

-Susie McHugh

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