Tuesday, April 29, 2014

EP Dome video

Here is the video I developed for Exploration Place's Boeing Dome Theater. This work was rejected based on a change of direction at Exploration Place.
I would note the issues, banding, arising from the use of 256 color depth(8 bit). This file was sent to the Boonshoft museum, only as an example for them to check their final renders.
The master that the Boonshoft  rendered from was a series of .png files with a color Bit Depth of 48.
They converted the master using Evans and Sutherland proprietary software to a "dome master".
I have worked on this project for just over two years with most of the time spent on file formats and CODECs as Evans and Sutherland formats are not well defined. They want you to use their software. Blender software provided the animation and all rendering.

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