Thursday, April 17, 2014

2d tracking example

Here is a 2d plane track and croma key matte of a training plate produced by
I used the first plate Painting
Here is the finished work

The first step is to establish a planar track by tracking the blue targets on the green plane.
The tracks are used to lock a plane to the key space. the Cute Camel image is then surfaced to the plane.
The next step is to matte and overlay of the arm and daub over Cute Camel.
 A green keyer  is  composited and set to key out green with special attention to edges.
This leaves the arm and daub overlaying the image with the blue targets still visible.
Next a blue keyer is added and set, as for the green keyer.
There is a remaining issue with the camel moving in the plane, that is caused from the background plate being 1.33 to 1 pixel ratio while camel is 1 to 1.
Note all work done in Blender 2.7. Here is a blender screen shot.

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