Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rabbit's Denial



This is a transcendent piece.  I struggled mightily with the problem solving.  In the end I chose the  simplest solution and was happy with it.  Normally, I come up with general ideas and leave plenty of room for improvisation and growth.  This was the first time I had the pressure of artmaking for a specific show.  I probably could have done with less indeterminacy and more planning in advance.  Still, as stated, I'm happy with the result.  As for the piece itself, I had general ideas there too.  At various times in the planning process, I wanted crossing through the portal to bring a specific change, a specific feeling, a subtle non-determined change, or be purely aesthetic.  Because of the limitations of reality and technology, I had to settle on an implied change.  This kind of ambiguity worked, and I'm pleased that the viewer is allowed to fill in the details of the experience.  As for my intentions, I believe in the idea that our thinking and feelings affect and change matter.  So my working with the materials of the piece imbued meaning directly into them, and more specifically, my own meanings.  These are felt although not directly apprehended by viewers.  I realize this kind of meaning isn't approved of or understood by academia, but so much the better.

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