Thursday, September 29, 2016

Project Run-A-Way Proposal

Etta DeLisse

My idea centers around the idea of technology 'smothering' the life from us.  I personally feel a very strong connection with nature and our planet, and I feel that technology, while helpful in a great many ways, has become so invasive to our everyday lives that it feels to me that we forget that we are still part of and needing nature.  So my project is exploring the aspect of technology 'killing' a person.  I plan to use emptied electronics, velcro, black clothing (to obscure identity), led lights, cardboard, foam, and paint.  As the technology is added, lights start to go out signifying life being taken away.  The body will also respond to the technology being added with exaggerated struggling movement, such as loss of a limb.  The end result will be this person lying on the ground covered in this technology and two larger lights representing the 'eyes' will flicker/fade and go out to signify death.


  1. I definitely think you need some sort of headpiece, like a phone and cords or something like that. Overall, your piece is very creative and conceptual going from natural to technological.

  2. Have you considered also putting in some more nature elements such as dying leaves, flowers, or other plants etc to symbolize our need for nature being smothered by the technology as well? Or something in the performance like a single potted flower or small representative tree to reach for in the dying scene?

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