Monday, January 25, 2016

Digital Portrait Study - Jesse Skupa

Sofia Bonati
Drawing, Illustration

Oriol Angrill Jorda
Colored Pencil, Watercolor

Eduardo Icaza
Acrylic on Canvas

Malcom Lieeke 
Oil On Canvas

Anna Hammer
Unknown Media


  1. Wow, these illustrations are beautiful! I really like these artists' style, especially Oriol Angrill Jorda's because of her ability to create such fine details from watercolor. The texture looks smooth and the color transitions very well together.

  2. The ones by Eduardo Icaza are absolutely gorgeous! I love the faceless people, it adds so much to their stories.

  3. I'm in love with the polka dots! I like the way they stand out compared to everything else.

  4. I love oils and the oil portrait is just amazing. Very beautiful!

  5. I really like the ones by Eduardo Icaza. The missing faces makes me want to know more about why the faces are missing.