Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Proposal Installation

 I grew up in rural Kansas; an area portrayed as a vast and nearly desolate expanse dotted with modest farmsteads.  It was characterized by Brethren modesty and utilitarian aesthetics with a whitewash clapboard exterior. My windows to the outside world were an outdated library, animated movies, and retro musicals filled with images of grand palaces, distant exotic lands, and fantastic situations.  This embellished understanding of the outside world, filled me with a longing for a distinctive visual culture that could satiate my decorative hunger.
            My work explores varied emulations of an exaggerated perception of wealth, luxury, sophistication and bravado, all elements that were inherently foreign to my upbringing. These seductive imitations are vehicles for exploring the outcomes of obsession. My process is heavily performative, as I embody a near insatiable lust for the unattainable that can only be temporarily pacified by the act of making.  The alluring nature of these flamboyant displays operatically manifests itself through saturated colors, glitter, gilding and jewels.  Each work implies the transformative nature of these fanatical conditions, by rendering cheap materials into something equally majestic and parasitic through a loving and thoughtful rendering.  

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